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Complete Multi-Vitamin + Liver Detox


Ordering in BULK is the best way to save the most money with this company.

I am very pleased that they offer bulk ordering options.

If you try it, I guarantee you will be coming back for more, so might as well stock up! :)

Over the past few years, I could not find a multi-vitamin that met my standards so I have been taking 10-15 different supplements a day to get my daily needs.


Well, I FINALLY found a multi-vitamin that I can honestly say, is top notchso I have ditched my usual routine at last!

Now I take BodyHealth's Complete Multi + Liver Detox daily to ensure that I get all of my essential vitamins and nutrients in the most bioavailable form. 

Sometimes, just eating a plant-based diet isn't enough to provide the body with all of the nutrients it needs.


Ever wonder why you hear of healthy people with balanced diets still having nutrient deficiencies? 


The nutrients in plants can be difficult for the body to utilize fully and these days, with the farming standards the US has, the soil is depleted of over half of the nutrients our soil used to contain. This means that fruits and vegetables are nowhere near as beneficial as they used to be. The same goes for animal products, since the animals eat plants. 

This multi-vitamin uses bioactive versions of important vitamins like methyl-folate, so that they are very quickly absorbed and completely used by the body instead of released in the urine, causing your money to go to waste. 

Another reason I love this supplement is that it contains liver supporting herbs. All the vitamins in the world won’t help you if you are full of toxins. These herbs help your body take out the garbage so you can perform at your best. 

Tip: This is also CRUCIAL for weight loss since toxins are stored in  body fat!

I don’t go a day without this supplement!

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