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Flow Balance


Organic Olivia's Flow Balance formula supports overall hormone health and aids pms symptoms. It is a normalizing and balancing formula.

 Daily usage helps to slowly and gently support hormone balance so I take this formula daily to ensure I am getting ample support. 

Along with herbs such as Vitex and Dong Quai traditionally used for healthy hormones, Flow Balance contains Cramp Bark, Garrya Leaf and Wild Yam to aid smooth muscle during that time of the month. Oregon Grape Root is included for liver detoxification support, and Nettle Leaf aids with the balance of water in the body.


Flow Balance also supports a healthy mood each month, although like Natal Nourish, is not a magic bullet. Everyone is different and some may require more time with the formula than others.


If you’re planning to get pregnant, Flow Balance can be taken for several months to support overall balance, but should then be discontinued when you are ready to conceive (as it’s not suitable during pregnancy or breastfeeding). Once you discontinue and are TTC or pregnant, you can replace with Natal Nourish.

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