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Perfect Amino XP


Ordering in BULK is the best way to save the most money with this company.

I am very pleased that they offer bulk ordering options.

If you try it, I guarantee you will be coming back for more, so might as well stock up! :)

I take this daily to ensure that I get all of my essential amino acids in the most bioavailable form. Eating a plant-based diet means that I must pay close attention to my protein intake.

The protein in plants can be difficult for the body to utilize fully.

I have never seen a protein supplement that works as great as Perfect Amino does. 


PerfectAmino is 99% utilized for power, energy, and recovery.


The essential amino acids that we get from foods (meat, eggs, beans, and nuts) have to first be digested before they’re available to muscles, tissues, and cells.

PerfectAmino is very quickly absorbed. It takes hours to be able to utilize amino acids that have to be processed and released into the bloodstream. 

Perfect Amino only takes 23 minutes!


It’s also an amazing pre-workout or post-workout. 

I don’t go a day without it. 

Watch the 2 min video below to learn why this product might be exactly what you need. 

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