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Perfect Calm


Ordering in BULK is the best way to save the most money with this company.

I am very pleased that they offer bulk ordering options.

If you try it, I guarantee you will be coming back for more, so might as well stock up! :)

Perfect CALM is a relaxation-enhancing supplement that helps restore healthy magnesium levels, provides calcium-magnesium balance, and supports the body’s natural response to stress.

While almost half of the U.S. population takes calcium-containing supplements, most of the products do not contain anti-stress magnesium, which is a problem because magnesium, calcium, vitamin K2 and vitamin D all depend on each other to properly function.

An estimated 80 percent of Americans are deficient in magnesium. 

Perfect CALM helps the body achieve calcium-magnesium balance. In addition to supporting the body’s healthy response to stress, magnesium supplementation can also benefit cardiovascular health, proper digestion and—along with calcium, vitamin K2 and vitamin D—bone health.

2015 systematic review of supplemental nutrients for tackling stress in women noted that low levels of magnesium negatively impact cognitive (brain) health and the ability to cope with stress effectively.

One serving of all-natural Perfect CALM provides nearly 90 percent of a full Recommended Daily Value for magnesium.

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