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It's spring! The perfect time to plant luffa seeds and grow some sponges for you and your family that will last for YEARS!

Each dried luffa sponge lasts for about one year, depending on use. You can use it to wash your body, wash the dishes, scrub the sink, anything! And the best part is the sponge is completely biodegradable! SO when you're done with it, throw it in the compost, or simply outside and let nature do it's thing!


Each plant produces up to 12 luffas on it! That's 12 sponges! And that supply is more than enough to use and share with those you love. The plant itself is absolutely beautiful and will decorate any fence or trellis with tons of big yellow flowers and gorgeous huge green leaves. Great if you're looking to add privacy to a fence too! 


And if you don't want to use them for sponges, luffas are edible! Harvest them young and cook them like zucchini!


Each packet contains 20 organic seeds. Abundance! 

Luffa Seeds

  • All items are non-refundable. 

    Please allow up to 4-10 days for your order to be shipped. All orders will receive a tracking number. 

    Please note that incomplete or incorrect shipping addresses may result in your parcel being returned or abandoned. Any return shipping fees or loss of item is to be covered by the customer.

    EMM is no longer responsible for your package after it is shipped. All claims must be filed directly through USPS to locate lost or stolen packages.

    Shipping addresses cannot be changed once order is placed. 

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