11 videos. One life changing course. 

Think of The Catalyst as a "Wellness for Dummies" course.

The internet is intimidating.

It's filled with tips and tricks to save and screenshot in your phone. It's time you got it all in one place.

I'm Ready!

Start your new chapter

In The Catalyst, it's laid out simply and easily for you to absorb in your own time; without overwhelm or confusion. 11 videos. Explaining everything you need to know to start your new chapter of life.

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Where do i start?

The most frequent question I have received as a Holistic Educator is,"Where do I start?"

True wellness starts at the basics.

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A real understanding

of Sunlight, Sleep, Meditation, Supplements, Hydration, Cleansing, Spirituality and more. 

This is your start. May it serve you well. 

  • This course is for you if...

    • You still drink tap water
    • You wear sunscreen and are afraid of the sun
    • You cook with canola oil, vegetable oil, corn oil, butter "spreads", or plant based "butter".
    • Your confused about what foods to eat for optimum health
    • You fall asleep with your TV on / Scroll on your phone before bed
    • You think Cholesterol & saturated fat is bad for you
    • Your searching for the healthiest water to drink and which home filter is the best
  • Or maybe...

    • You would like to learn the basics of meditation
    • You would like to move your body more and feel more motivated to do so
    • Your searching for spiritual meaning and ways to honour spirit / ancestors
    • You would like to learn basic breath work techniques for anxiety, depression, energy, sleep and spiritual elevation
    • You're tired of buying supplements that don't work and your ready to purchase good ones
    • You wan to learn how to detox and cleanse your body the SAFE & EFFECTIVE way