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~ always on the upward spiral ~

~ always on the upward spiral ~

~ always on the upward spiral ~

~ always on the upward spiral ~

~ always on the upward spiral ~

About Veladya Organica

Whether it is through free educational videos on Youtube, homemade herbal medicines, in person ceremonies or private mentorship...Veladya Organica is here to help you prosper and thrive.

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Our Education

We offer a range of education from Health Counseling Sessions & Private Breathwork Classes through to our flagship course, The Catalyst.

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We have an educational channel on Youtube with over 368,000 followers and over 15 million views!

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To find out about our upcoming Veladya Organica retreats and events that Veladya will be attending and/or teaching at in 2024, please sign up to our email newsletter.

Potent Herbal Allies for the Soul

We offer a range of Medicines to suit your needs.

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what our customers are saying

You've changed my life!

"I just have to tell you. I've been following you and buying your medicines for years and you have no idea how much you've changed my life. I have bought almost of your products and every single one of them worked for me and my boyfriend. Especially when Heart Healer came out, we use it for sleep and pain and wow. The yoni steaming blend changed my cycle for the better. Just thank you for everything that you do. You have a lifetime customer and supporter."

What our customers are saying

I am more than pleased

"I am absolutely grateful for this product and I am purchasing more this Friday. My face has stayed so angry broke out, blemishes just horrible but since I have been using this it made a difference in the appearance of my skin and it does what I hoped it would and I only use it one to two times a day in my tea. I am a lifetime customers and can't wait for to try the others. I am more than pleased."

What our customers are saying

buy this for all the women in your life!

 "I love this product so much... I've got my entire family using it and they have affectionately dubbed it, " Vagina Juice" haha. Buy this for all the women in your life!!"

What our customers are saying

forever be in my health arsenal

 "I absolutely love this magical tincture. I’ve suffered from bacterial imbalance for years and this is the only thing that has ever given me relief. It tasteless and I was able to add it to my water no problem. Literally knocked my sugar/salt cravings, decreased my bloating and helped with my yoni hp. This bad boy will forever be in my health arsenal"

What our customers are saying

Amazing products!

"Amazing products! Felt GREAT, happy, like a kid again- after 3 days of consistent use. Here to get more!"

What our customers are saying

Wonderful Products!

"I absolutely LOVE Heart Healer. The calmness and balance I experience is absolutely amazing. I have not felt the anxiety, restlessness, and heart palpitations I'd get when stressed, or with thyroid flairups etc. I literally sleep like a baby!! Thank you, Veladya Organica for this amazingly wonderful product!!" 

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