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Beginner Herbalism Class: Tinctures - 6/19

Beginner Herbalism Class: Tinctures - 6/19

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Hey, Veladya here!

Ever wanted to dive into the world of herbs and make your own natural remedies? Well, our Herbal Tincture Crafting class is just the thing for you! Veladya Organica's beginner herbalism series is all about learning how to create powerful herbal medicines even if you're new to the world of herbalism!

Here's what we'll do:

1. Get to know herbs: We'll introduce you to Rosemary and how it can help heal many systems in the body.

2. Make your own tincture: We'll show you exactly how to mix herbs with alcohol or glycerin to make your own herbal tinctures. It's easier than you think, and you'll feel like a magician brewing up some powerful potions!

3. Feel the plant power: Learn how these homemade remedies can make you feel better, whether it's easing a tummy ache or helping you relax after a long day. It's like having your own little natural medicine cabinet at home.

4. Connect with nature: Feel the magic of nature as you learn how to harvest herbs responsibly and respect the environment. It's all about showing some love to Mother Nature while you're at it.

5. Have fun and learn: Whether you're a total newbie or just curious about herbs, this class is all about having a good time and learning something new. I'll be there to guide you every step of the way.

So, join us for our tincture class and let's explore the wonderful world of herbs together. Get ready to feel empowered and connected to nature like never before!

We'll be creating a tincture with Rosemary in this class! An herb that should be easy for most to source. If you'd like to make a tincture with something else, you are welcome to!

Class will take place virtually over Zoom on Wednesday, June 19th at 6pm est. 

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