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Veladya Organica

Hormone Helper

Hormone Helper

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Hormone Helper is an herbal tincture that balances hormones by regulating estrogen and progesterone levels through the active ingredient Vitex berry.

This natural rebalancing can help reduce symptoms of PMS and menopause, including irritability, mood swings, cravings, swollen breasts, and night sweats.

For those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, our alternative formula, Reproductive Remedy, is the safe choice for hormone balancing. 

 Please avoid using Hormone Helper if you are taking birth control pills, undergoing hormone replacement therapy (HRT), or taking medications for IVF treatment, as Vitex may interfere with their effectiveness.

Helps Relieve

-Decreased PMS Symptoms

-Decreased Irritability/Mood Swings

-Reduce Menopause Symptoms (Hot flashes, night sweats)

-Relieved Endometriosis symptoms

-Healed hormonal acne

-Helps with amenorrhea

-Regulated menstruation

-Reduced uterine cysts and fibroids

-Ease hormonal birth control pills withdrawal/rebalancing


Organic Ingredients: Vitex berry & Grain Alcohol (100 proof vodka)

Suggested Use

Shake well before using. Take one dropper bulb (approx. 30 drops) in juice or water 2-3 times daily. Up to 3x a day. Vitex works extremely well, but it can be a little slow-acting. It may take several weeks of use (4-12) before the best results are achieved. The longer a woman has had hormone imbalance, the longer she may need to use Vitex. Tastes best when taken in a shot of water or juice.

Please Note

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding*

Bottled in amber glass for freshness and protection of the herbs. Our label is made with recycled paper and we ship in recycled and recyclable packaging.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Risley Cline

Oh my gosh, where do I begin...I'm so grateful for this little tincture. Wow, she really packs a punch and has helped my body come back into balance so beautifully. Normally my periods before taking hormone helper were incredibly heavy with lots of bloating, intense mood swings, and tender breasts. I took hormone helper religiously for a month and my following period was the most easeful moon I've ever had in my entire life. I've been working through PCOS for a number of years now and this seemed to have all of those symptoms simply go away! Thank you Veladya for this magikal potion! Will definitely be re-buying!

Jasmine Dodd

Amazing. I can tell a major change in my body after two weeks. My cycle wasn’t as painful, I’m more relaxed, etc. I’m trying the heart health in the morning as I’m really excited based off what I’ve experienced so far.

Aimee Lafreniere

Easy peasy lemon squeezy

Brittany Gaskins

I really like this product! Taking this several times a day during my cycle, I noticed my cramps weren't as bad, my mood surprisingly was pretty even, and my breast stopped hurting. Highly recommend for anyone who deals with heavy PMS symptoms and looking for a natural way to help tame them.

Krystal Lassiter

I have been using it daily for issues I’ve been having with my period. I can’t tell if it is working yet but I feel better taking it. I will continue to take it to finish the 2 bottles I purchased and give an update then. Thanks so much for the work you do!!!!