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Reproductive Remedy

Reproductive Remedy

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Reproductive Remedy is a moisturizing herbal tincture crafted to support the reproductive system. In Ayurveda, it is revered as the "Queen of herbs" due to its ability to enhance love and devotion. This remedy is renowned as an aphrodisiac and a potent "rasayan" that promotes vigor, vitality, memory, and intelligence. Additionally, it is known as "hridayam," which uplifts the heart. The word Shatavari literally means "she who has hundreds of husbands" or "a curer of one hundred diseases" and is commonly used today as a tonic for female reproductive health. Its adaptogenic properties help reduce stress and stimulate circulation to the reproductive organs, making it a highly effective aphrodisiac.

Helps Relieve

For women, Shatavari helps with:

Menarche (the start of the menses) through the childbearing years and into menopause.
Fertility, as it nourishes the ovum and helps support reproductive fluids
pH of the vagina
Flow and quality of breastmilk in nursing mothers
Menopause - hot flashes, irritability, memory problems, and dryness (including vaginal dryness).

For men, Shatavari helps with the following:

Increases reproductive fluids
Supports and increases healthy sperm count
Reduces inflammation of the male sexual organs
Helps correct impotence

Other traditional uses for Shatavari include:

Nourishes and calms the nerves
Restores moisture to the digestive tract, helping to soothe the digestive system
Restores moisture to the lungs and respiratory tract, making it helpful for dry, spasmodic cough and/or bronchitis-type situations.


Organic Ingredients: Shatavari root & Grain Alcohol (100 proof vodka)

Suggested Use

Shake well before using. Take one dropper bulb (approx. 30 drops) in juice or water 1-3 times daily. Tastes best when taken in a shot of water or juice.

Please Note

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding*

Bottled in amber glass for freshness and protection of the herbs. Our label is made with recycled paper and we ship in recycled and recyclable packaging.

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Customer Reviews

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Hannah Alexander

Love the Creator and the amazing products she produces

Aimee Lafreniere

Loved it!

Kaylyn Anderson

Thank you Veladya for delivering such great herbal knowledge & medicines for us to heal ourselves !! You’ve been a blessing to my life & im sure many others !! I really appreciate you & your journey & for sharing it with us ! Love you & the fam mama ♥️

Tatyana Wooten

This is amazing! 🙌🏽

Lynn Piefer

Love it! It’s helping me so much!